Welcome to Octopus™ Braces

It is not often that a product improves the quality of our lives so drastically that it delivers instant and genuine happiness. An Octopus brace has exactly that effect.  Octopus braces kill pain instantly, they prevent injury, they support weak and injured tissues, they enhance athletic performance. Although some Octopus braces look like a hybrid of traditional braces and kinesiology tape it is as far away from those antiquated devices as could be. Octopus braces work by supporting weak, painful and injured tissue with adjacent healthy tissue, and by acting as external fascia – the dense fibrous connective tissue that holds your muscles and bones together. For example, when used for back pain, Octopus provides immediate pain relief by transferring the strain on injured tissue to adjacent healthy tissue. The result is pain-free living and pain-free living means happiness. That’s why at Octopus we don’t look at ourselves as selling braces – we look at ourselves as selling happiness – instant happiness.
What is it about Octopus™ braces that gives them this magical potential to make people happy? The answer to that in a second. But first, let’s introduce you to the Octopus™ family. If the human body could form new connective tissue, instantly, upon injury, pain, or a physical demand such as exercise, the quality of human life would be infinitely better. Unfortunately, the human body cannot form new connective tissue on demand, neither can it change its shape to move connective tissue to an area of injury or pain. If the human body had the ability to perform like an octopus in response to injury and pain the quality of human life would be dazzling.
The inventors of Octopus™ brace were inspired by the shape and strength of the common octopus, as well as the ability of the octopus to change its shape effortlessly as it goes about its ordinary business. Octopus™ braces were therefore invented and designed to perform the following:
(1) To mimic elastic connective tissue with appendages of varying elasticity;
(2) To mimic dense fibrous connective tissue with a mantle that is substantially inelastic;
(3) To increase versatility by flipping the elasticity of the mantle and appendages.
It is a simple and smart innovation but it is making people happy – very happy.
Here is why Octopus™ braces are making people very happy and why you should get yours today. Let’s assume that you have an injury or pain that is in no hurry to heal. Let’s assume that you have back pain, for example, – the bad kind – ouchy ouchy – debilitating pain. The pain has stolen your smile and robbed you of your happiness. Ice cream doesn’t taste as sweet and roses don’t look as red. The list goes on… but it doesn’t have to anymore. You realize that you can take back your happiness right now because your happiness is in a box of Octopus™. So you get an Octopus™ brace. You attach the appendages to the site of pain, lift and move sideways, then attach the other appendage. It is that easy. At first you don’t smile because your brain is refusing to process that such a small and simple device has made your pain to vanish. So you go about your business, skeptically, thinking that the pain will return any minute. Then one day you look at the mirror and see a smile on your face. You’re happy – very happy. Best of all you have forgotten what its like to live in pain. That’s what to expect with Octopus™ braces.
No matter where the pain or injury is, there is an Octopus™ for it. All Octopus™ braces are easy to use and make an immediate dramatic impact on your pain and/or injury. The Octopus™ braces look very simple – like a cross between K-tape and restrictive braces, but don’t be deceived. The simple look and ease of use are an innovation magic that make the competition, such as K-tape and restrictive braces, seem and function like stone age torture contraptions. And you don’t have to be injured or live in pain for Octopus™ to bring you happiness. There is nothing better than Octopus™ to prevent injury. So, whether you are an occasional jogger or a pro athlete, there’s an Octopus™ to help you perform better and to help you push yourself while minimizing the risk of injury.  Even if you are not into exercise and sports we have an Octopus™ for you also.
There is an Octopus™ for abs support that is simply amazing. Whether you have weak abs because of surgery or you just want cosmetic support,  you should see for yourself why Octopus™ abs support is right for you. We know it is right for you because you are looking for extreme abs support but you don’t want to be bound like you’re wearing a compression garment or corset. Octopus™ holds you in, perfectly, but, unlike compression garments, does not take away your ability to move and breath.
And last but definitely not the least, you should check your behind right now – do it now – and if it is not as round and tight as you would like – there’s an Octopus™ for that too. Our BootLifter™ is unique in that it is the only butt lift that may actually make your behind to become rounder and tighter when used continuously over time. What that means is that one day you may realize that you no longer need the BootLifter™ because it has given you all of the roundness and tightness you desire – naturally. That is even better than surgery, but so are Octopus™ braces in general.
Welcome to Octopus™ braces. We have a large selection of products, and each Octopus™ product has the potential to drastically change your life, so please take your time to select the Octopus™ that is right for you. There is happiness in each and every box of Octopus™. And please don’t forget to join the Octopus™ family – we are more than life-changing products – we are a lifestyle – happiness.
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